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As you may of heard, this year when The Windsor Boys’ School play the MCC on 5th May the school team will comprise former captains, captained by the current school captain.

11.30am, with lunch at around 1.30pm and tea at around 3.30 to 4pm.

Windsor Boys School
The Ground is Stovells and it’s by Windsor Leisure Centre.

This is to mark the unveiling in the pavilion of a board naming as many captains as we have found from 1945 to date.

The school very much hope that as many captains as possible can either play or attend the match at some point during the day.

If you would like to play please get in touch with James Clark at the school or James Jordan.

We would very much like to see as many former captains as possible during the day and particularly around tea time when we will unveil the new captains board.
We’re also looking for photos of cricket XI’s from years gone by, if you have any please let us know.

The match starts at 11.30am, with lunch at around 1.30pm and tea at around 3.30 to 4pm.
There will be bar facilities throughout the day.

We’ve listed below the captains from the last 20 years as a taster of what is on the board.

Hope to see as many of you as possible at the school on Friday 5th May.


Captains in recent years include the following

1988 – C Osborne
1989 – R Matthews / N Austin
1990 – C Braithwate
1991 – S Bowles
1992 – C Gower
1993 – C Gower
1994 – A Chorley
1995 – L Hill
1996 – T Lambert
1997 – A Lambert
1998 – T Laing
1999 – M Huggins
2000 – K Condon
2001 – G Vickers
2002 – A Jones
2003 – P Birch
2004 – M Gould
2005 – T Jones
2006 – K Sheikh
2007 – N Cornish
2008 – T Hartridge
2009 – F Raja
2010 – S W Jordan
2011 – O J Jordan
2012 – O J Jordan
2013 – A Hess
2014 – P Edrich
2015 – M Jones
2016 – H A Jordan
2017 – H A Jordan