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OMT 185 (Hill 5-36) , Windsor 118

Windsor travelled to the tropical subcontinent of Watford on Saturday and were blessed for the eternal sunshine that shines on Hertfordshire as the rainy weather had called a halt to just about every game in the Thames Valley League meant that this fixture not only went ahead but actually went to a result.  It was the perfect opportunity for the yet winless Windsor 2’s to make some important ground up against their fellow strugglers and really capitalise on this opportunity.

It didn’t really go to plan

[youtube id=”8cfeTZNcA3g” width=”600″ height=”350″]

With the exception of Alex Hill who picked up a well deserved 5 wicket haul and from No.7 top scored it was another frustrating afternoon of under achievement from the Windsor players as they capitulated once again to leave them facing the very real threat of relegation picking up only 6 points when an abandonment would have given them 7.  Congratulations however to OMT who stuck to the task and thoroughly deserved the 25 points.  It will be a shame we won’t be playing them next year as they are a great bunch of lads who play the game in the right spirit, however, it would be criminal if at the end of the season we are two league’s apart.  This, however, will depend on the response that is needed from Windsor players – it needs to be immense, but most of all, very quick, as games begin to run out.

Chris Edge

2012 2nd XI captain after an hiatus of 6 years. Voted Windsor CC best dancer for 13 consecutive seasons. His autobiography, centred around the 2005 promotion winning season entitled "Oh, for f*cks sake Nobbsy!" will be available for the Christmas market.

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