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Problem with ordering WCC kit on the sporting spirit website!

By May 15, 2009January 13th, 2012No Comments

Dear club members, It is with deep regret that I post this update

The company that owns the Sporting Spirit website, and which manages our orders and embroidery of WCC kit has gone into administration. This is company buys in bulk from Canterbury, and takes orders and embroiders to order for many clubs. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE ANY MORE ORDERS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

I am currently investigating how many orders are outstanding to which individuals money and items are owed.

I would also ask if each person who has ordered clothing AND WHO IS STILL AWAITING ITEMS, please send me an email with the items and cash value of what you are waiting for.

This in no way is linked to Canterbury of NZ, which is a separate company. I have asked Canterbury to advise of another embroidery supplier who can supply the same items of kit for us going forward, or if they can supply direct. As the garments are ‘standards’ there should be no issue of designs mismatching etc. Hopefully this new supplier will be up and running ASAP.

The sales manager of sporting spirit assures me he did not know of the ‘behind the scenes’ issues the directors had with the company finances.

I will send you all an email update as soon as I have got one, and I have discussed with James Jordan the issues we face

Please accept my apologies, but I am just passing on bad news (please do not shoot the messenger…….)



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