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Message from Westo:


It appears as though every other league starts on the 5th of May so we need to rethink what we want to do with our tour as we can not find a reasonable opposition to play against on the Sat.

We have a couple of options;
1) Find a team to play on the Sunday and stay over Sunday night (it’s bank holiday weekend). If we are not playing Sat we could potentially travel down pn the Sat afternoon.
2) Scrap the tour and just play a TVL side on the Sat
3) Play a TVL side on the Sat and still try to organise a tour game on the Sunday

This is open to all club members and depending on numbers we may get 2 sides together to tour.

Tour Destination is yet to be confirmed although Doysey has suggested we could play against his old club in Exeter.

Let me know your thoughts


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