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This Saturday not only sees the first league game of 2009, it also sees Windsor CC’s inaugural Slow Race. The race pits some of Windsor’s finest athletes against each other in a 60 metre dash across C1 on Saturday evening.

The idea is for each XI to nominate 2 competitors each, although the rules can be bent if one XI is particularly laden with slowies.

Nominations so far, include:

Kemp. B 2/1
Mohindru. R 1/5
Mallard. C 2/1
Davis. B 10/1
Huggins. P 1/10
Noble. R.W 2/7
Chana. H 1/3
Dawson. R 2/1
Houghton. T 3/1
Light. C 3/2
Doree. A 1/10
Sangha. G (?) Scratching

If anyone wants to nominate anyone else, please let me or the skippers know before Saturday. The race will commence at Dusk (or as soon as everyone is back at the club) on Saturday evening and we will be running a Sweepstake, in the traditions of The Grand National, to see who picks the winner.

We are also having a Bad Shirt night to celebrate the beginning of the league season, so please come dressed to un-impress. Everyone will pay £1 to enter, if your shirt is not deemed bad enough by our resident bad shirt expert, Richard Noble, you will have to pay £3 and the money goes to the winner (who will be expected / forced to buy jugs with it).

There will be food available at the clubhouse as well.

Hopefully we will be celebrating 5 x 25 points on Saturday!



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