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At the recent A.G.M. the following was agreed for the annual subscription structure.

The annual subscription for full members to be increased from £170.00 to £180.00, this now to include a new playing shirt for all members, the shirt being to
the value of around £15.00.

As a result of this resolution the following adult membership payment options are available for season 2012.

1. Annual subscription £180.00 (to include playing shirt) to be paid in full by 30th June

2. Annual subscription reduced to £150.00 (to include playing shirt) if paid in full by Friday 11th May – a potential saving of £30.00.

3. Annual subscription reduced to £140.00 (to include playing shirt) if paid in full before 1st March – a potential saving of £40.00.

A further reduction is available in terms of match fees for ALL Saturday games including friendlies, (both pre and post league) with a further amount of £130.00 being paid by 20th April – a potential saving of up to £62.00.

Payment can be made in full or in part (post dated cheques acceptable) by the above dates but to qualify for the reductions available payment must be made in FULL BY THE APPROPRIATE DATE. Cheques should be made payable to Windsor Cricket Club and sent to my home address which is

14 Russell Street, WINDSOR, Berks, SL4 1HQ

Other classes of payment are as follows:

JUNIOR (under 15) – £70.00

STUDENT (15+ and in full time education) – £80.00 + £10.00 for shirt

FAMILY (1 adult + 1 junior / student) – £170.00 + £20.00 for shirts

SOCIAL – £30.00

Chris Smith


This is the administrator account for Windsor Cricket Club

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