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1st XI Saturday

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Windsor Vs Marlow Park at Marlow Park 4/6/06

Windsor travelled to Marlow Park slightly disappointed from the result the previous week. They had played so well and due to the points system had only received 7 points, Skipper Thompson especially as the points had no reflection on the game.

Thompson was determined to win the toss this week to make 1st use of a good looking Marlow Wicket, this is exactly what happened.

Again the opening partnership of Bird and Thompson worked well, with Windsor racing off to a great start, Bird again being especially savage on lose deliveries, Thompson was his usual steady self, and they took Windsor to 62 until the introduction of Javed, who bowled two unplayable balls, unfortunately one of these got Thompson, this brought Mirza to the crease who was looking for a score, which he certainly got, playing a superb innings being especially savage on Javed, Bird carried on smashing the ball to all parts, until he fell on 93, Mirza followed soon after for 60, which brought the loss of 4 quick wickets, one of them being Granger who got the second unplayable ball of the day, Windsors rear guard then shot into action with the classy looking Clarke and the Large bulk of Watkins, the later cutting lose and hitting 66 in no time, skipper Thompson batted on Windsor reached the 312 mark off 49 overs.

Some may say too many runs, but Thompson was cautious of the size of the grounds and miss hits go for 6, and the fact that Javed is capable of cutting lose as had the week before to reach 150.

Windsor bowling attack soon got fired up with Granger and Griffiths, Griffiths bowling especially well, Windsor getting a few quick wickets, which brought Khan and Javed to the crease, both batted well and the scoring rate started to increase, the granger vs Javed battle was on, Granger being unluckily as he keep forcing the batsmen into errors, eventually Granger won the battle with a brilliant caught and bowled, Windsor applied the pressure but Khan refused to budge, a couple more wickets fell but Windsor couldn’t get the wickets they required for maximum points.

Windsor took 13 points from the game which they were quite happy, as their performances have improved, but skipper Thompson knows there is a long way to go.

Innings of Windsor
How out Bowler Score
C Bird Caught Javed 93
P Thompson bowled Javed 15
M Mirza bowled Javed 69
M Gould Caught Javed 10
P Huggins Caught Hanif 3
J Granger bowled Javed 6
T Smith lbw Javed 6
A Clarke not out 23
D Watkins lbw Khan 66
W Griffiths not out
R Mohindru dnb

Bowling O M R W
Khan 9 0 71 0
chapell 5 1 25 0
javed 17 3 59 6
roberts 2 0 28 0
weston 4 0 27 0
barlow 3 0 21 0
hanif 6 0 37 1
khan 3 0 29 1

Innings of Marlow Park

L Slater ct watkins griffiths 2
m khan ct clarke griffiths 10
s khan ct granger mirza 89
m javed ct granger granger 40
hanif run out 5
d salina ct mirza mohindru 27
b roberts bowled mirza 21
n weston not out 3
k barlow not out 0

j granger 19 2 84 1
griffiths 9 4 24 2
mohindru 12 1 36 1
watkins 6 0 36 0
m mirza 5 0 20 2


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