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3rd XI Saturday

By October 6, 2005January 13th, 2012No Comments

Windsor 3’s: End of Season review

Not much to say apart from we came, we saw, we errr perished……nevermind….Lots of nominations for the 3rd XI end of season alternative awards……

The Captain Bligh Award for dereliction of duty
Err that’ll be me then, missing 6 of the 18 games, not exactly leading from the front

The David James award for calamitous catching
Waqas Mohammed dropped more balls than your average teenager

The Peter Stringfellow award for most obvious sharking
Damien Bradbury and the failed attempts at pulling his TENNIS coach

The Danny of the Champion of the World award for poaching
Alfie at Caversham & Redingensians tapping up all of the players on show

The Posh Spice award for poncing around
Andy Towse and his personalised number plates and Damien Bradbury for lots of things

The most fresh air breathed in a season
Alex ‘Audley’ Harrison

The Ian Bell award for selection in the face of adversity
Ben Lickley

The Silly little boy award for being a silly Little boy
The Silly Little Boy

The George Best drinking award, for initiation to drinking
Tom Hartridge and his “I want my dad routine”, he won’t do it again in a hurry

The 50 cent award for club Gangsta
Umar Malik and Waqas “ask me a question” Mohammed

The Glenn McGrath award for top sledging
Ollie Sabberton, on numerous occasions

The Boscastle award for drowning on a cricket field
Wooburn Narks away

The handiest team in Div 5a
Farnham Royal 3s, Jacko, Psycho, Miggy et al

The biggest cheats in div 5a
Barnes Wild Geese, I could still thump their Keeper….

The best send offs
Maidenhead and Bray when their number 2 bat, who’d been giving it large in the 1st innings was run out 3rd ball in the 2nd

The Tom Hartridge award for serious drinking after a game
Shared between Caversham on the last day and Farnham Royal

Good season folks, e i e i e i o, back to Wooburn we do go….when we beat the Narks this is what we’ll sing, we are the Windsor we are the Windsor …………. is our king!


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