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3rd XI Saturday

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A Tempest awaits as Windsor lie shipwrecked

Windsor 3’s 112
Farnham Royal 3’s 113/4

Act I.
A huge storm batters a ship carrying Endacott, (the Captain of Windsor), Bradbury, (Vice Captain), Dawson, Ashraf, Wigley and others. They are likely to see their team relegated due to shipwreck…

On the island near the storm, Jackson and the Farnham Royal team are introduced. We learn that Jackson has created the storm battling Endacott and company’s ship. We also learn that Jackson, bizarrely was once the Duke of Farnham Royal but was banished to the Home Park with the other, for this weeks encounters.

We are introduced to Psycho, Jackson’s magic fairy who tells us that the men onboard the ship have all made it ashore, but have scored only 112 runs between them. Junior, a misformed beast is introduced, midway through the first act to devastating effect. Jackson decides to be rude to Endacott, fearful of the rain endng the contest early.

Act II.
The rest of the shipwreck survivors wake up on the island, they are bowling. They are surprised that their clothes smell and feel as fresh as if they had just been bought at a market, the light rain is rinsing their whites…

The Farnham Royal batting puts the home team to bed, only Malik and Wigley stay awake, picking up two wickets each. The Farnham Royal team are about to kill the Windsor team in their sleep but the rain awakens everyone and they make an excuse to take tea.

Smith, a jester on the ship, discovers the lying down sweep shot and quickly realizes that such a shot would earn a fortune for him as a novelty in England. Junior, Smith’s friend eventually finds him, but it is too late, he is out LBW, shoulder first!. Nevertheless Farnham Royal reach the total with ease. Jackson gives Endacott alcohol, causing Endacott to think Farnham Royal are more powerful than the other teams in the league. Both teams set off together later deciding to work together to ensure safety for both.

Apologies to William Shakespeare


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