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2nd XI Saturday

By May 18, 2004January 13th, 2012No Comments

Farmers boy Smith reaps rich harvest from Marlow Park bowlers.

Windsor 293 – 4 (Smith 135*, Matthews 52)

Marlow Park 228-4 (Ashton 91, Trot 76*)

Windsor piled on the runs on a superb Marlow Park wicket but any chance of a result was effectively drowned in the sea of them!

After loosing the toss Windsor were inserted and made steady progress with Rob Noble and Paul Huggins effectively rotating the strike on a quick outfield and steering Windsor to a useful 68-0 after 18 overs. However, the introduction of paceman Tracey Edwards saw Huggins off stump removed and Noble quickly fell at the other end. However, this brought Tim Smith the crease and after Nigel Wing had departed for 6, he and Rob Matthews began to splay the bowling literally all over the Marlow Park. Moving quickly to his fifty with a succession of towering sixes, making the most of short boundary at one side the Marlow bowlers were put to the sword. In the space of 11 overs the two batsman had turned the game on its head and had progressed 118 runs by the time Matthews was bowled Chappel. The elegant Andrew Clarke was happy to simply hold one end up and allow Smith to farm all of the bowling as his moved past his century with some devastating shots. When the declaration came in 39th over, Smith had made a superb 135 not out and was warmly applauded into the pavilion from all areas of the ground including the numerous spectators in Marlow Park who had been peppered by his boundaries!

The often talked about vagarities of Thames Valley points system would now come into play, in that Windsor had been almost too successful in scoring too many runs too quickly and the challenge was now going to be in keeping Marlow interested in the game.

This however, effectively ended after 8 overs when South African Dahron Pitt had removed 3 of the top batsman and at 27-3 no matter how friendly the bowling and field settings became (4 slips and 2 gullies were in place for the first 35 overs), Marlow lost any interest in the game. Windsor certainly did not help themselves dropping numerous catches and had no luck when edges and mistimed drives keep flying over or just falling short of fielders. With 20 overs remaining as the game drifted towards an inevitable draw Windsor used a variety of bowlers and in the final over gave Smith the chance to get his first bowl for Windsor and in almost comical circumstances was smashed around by the Marlow batsman before with the final ball of the day a high looping catch to long leg just fell short of the chasing fielder which more or less summed up Windsor’s fielding day! However, nothing could take the day away from Tim Smith and a deserved call up to the 1’s is in store for him next week.


P. Huggings Bowled Edwood 32

R.W. Noble Ct Turner Chappel 17

T Smith Not Out 135

N Wing Ct Barbour Chappel 6

R Matthews Bowled Chappel 52

A Clarke Not Out 18

Extras 32

Total 293-4 Dec (49 Overs)


Turner 10.4 1 49 0

Ayres 10 3 54 0

Chappell 13 0 69 3

Edwoods 6.2 2 16 1

Barbour 5 0 43 0

Sharif 4 0 35 0

Marlow Park

Trot Not Out 76

Slater Bowled Pitt 1

Coll Bowled Pitt 91

Ashton Bowled Edge 6

Sharif Bowled Pitt 4

Chappel Not Out 36

Extras 14

Total 228-4 (51 Overs)


Edge 15 5 37 1

Pitt 13 2 68 3

Millman 9 3 44 0

Hill 9 2 38 0

Clarke 4 2 23 0

Smith 1 0 11 0


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