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Despite me having these a while, you know busy with bab#ys and stuff, and almost single-handly keeping the 3’s at the top of the league I’ve finally got around to adding the 2013 averages into the player database on the site.  You can access all of the stats by selecting a player from the Player stats section of our website but here are a few key stats to pull out;

  • 25 Players made their senior débuts for the club in 2013
  • 844 Players have now represented the club
  • 12 Players have now made over 300 appearances for the club
  • With Rob Noble not playing in 2013 there are no players who have represented the club every year now since it’s formation in 1995
  • The club in it’s history have score 328,235 runs
  • The club in it’s history has taken 14,700 wickets
  • Our fielders have manged to hang on to 6,981 catches
  • Our wicketkeepers have snared 544 stumpings, Martin Care with 148 of these stumpings

Any glaring errors, please let me know and once again, despite him now being in Ireland, thanks to Chris Smith for formatting the stats in a way that when I got around to it, made it really easy to import!





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