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Just a quick update on the social front.

A couple of weeks ago saw the Inaugural Slow Race and Bad Shirt Night. Richard Noble ‘won’ the slow race in his pants which was lovely for all to see. However, with Mohindru, Huggins, Houghton and Nichols still to run in the second heat, the competition is far from over.

Equally as attractive as Richard in his underwear, was Alex Haynes’ Bad Shirt which saw him crowned champion of the poor taste competition. A good night was had by all and we raised a bit of money for the club coffers which is always nice!

This weekend we are hosting a ‘Three Legged Night’ and our annual Stump Racing competition.

In an attempt to revive our student lifestyles we will be hosting a three legged night. For anyone who is unclear as to what this is….. please see below.

We will also be holding a stump racing competition on the outfield which will pit all the XI’s against each other. It has yet to be seen whether the three legged night and the stump race can take place simultaneously but each team will need at least 5 participants. After Tug Boat’s woeful perfomance on tour, Bri will need to think carefully about his selection policy!

There will also be food available at the clubhouse on Saturday…… so I look forward to celebrating the continued on field success with everyone!



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