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The Third Annual Battle of the Sexes

Friday 8th July – Home Park – 6.30pm start

It’s July, it’s hot and it’s got to that time of the year, the annual cricket match between the Girls and Boys of Windsor CC.

Moonie invites one and all to play in what has historically been a fiercely contested partnership. Few could forget the site of Mark Huggins running around the Windsor outfield in a bra and panties trying to play for the girls (no change there some would say….). Kitch will be on hand for his own one on one coaching sessions. Plus, as ever the bar will be open and Gary will provide a detailed analysis of what happened during the game.

If available, please contact Moonie (if a boy) or Jackie (if a girl). If unsure which you are (Mugboat), I suggest asking Gary and he will put you in the picture.

Food and drink will be available after the game, with the bar open throughout. As ever, all are welcome.


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