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Dear club members, as you may have seen in the press, the UK arm of Canterbury of NZ has gone into administration.

I had a meeting with Hawkins sport wednesday evening to discuss what communication they had had from Canterbury of NZ, and review our outstanding orders of kit.

For those who are awaiting items such as t shirts, polo’s and hoodies, we are just waiting to see if an investment group is going to buy CCC and run it as an ongoing concern. If so we believe the standard items of clothing that we have chosen will then become available again. Rest assured, if CCC cease to exist completely, and the items do not become available, Hawkins can refund you all your money.

In the mean time, we have ‘ear marked’ what playing shirts we know are on the ‘open market’ and with wholesalers, and have asked Hawkins to confirm number of shirts and sizes available. Once I have this, and if you want to order shirts, please give me the money as I will probably place one order direct with Hawkins, to get as many shirts as we can into stock ASAP, and we will keep them at the club. I hope we will be able to source enough to keep us in stock through season 2010.

*Caps are not affected by this situation, as they are standards made by Albion, so please continue to order from Hawkins

*Jumpers are not affected by this situation, as they are standards made by a specialist supplier, so please continue to order from Hawkins.

If you have any more questions please let me know, in the mean time I will continue to update as soon as I have any more info

Thanx Alex
Windsor CC kit and Sponsorship secretary


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