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By June 24, 2003January 13th, 2012No Comments

Tour Deposits asap

We are in the final furlongs regarding booking the tour to Ireland.

We have up to 3 matches

1st Lismore CC Vs Windsor CC, Sunday 3rd August 2003

2nd a.n.other touring side Vs Windsor CC, Monday 4th August 2003 at Midleton.

3rd Phoenix CC Vs Windsor CC, Wednesday 6th August 2003 at Phoenix Park, Dublin. Check

If you would like to come please give me (Enders) a deposit of £50 made payable to Windsor Cricket Club, asap. This tour is strictly on a 1st come, 1st served basis, as I get the feeling it will be over-subscribed.

The overall cost will be in the region of £130, which includes mini-bus, ferry and 5 nights accomodation. You may pay in instalments, but I need the £50 deposit.


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